Who are we?

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Roel Kyvelos (directing - camera - edit)

Roel graduated Business at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, after which he got asked to star in a dutch Sitcom. After three years he crossed over to the other side of camera and worked for many years in television all around the world as Chief Editor for big Reality Shows. Realizing he felt most at home on sets and in the EditSuite, he decided to become a one man band doing it all himself. In august 2021 he teamed up with Nadia Kafu however, so he could focus more on the shooting and editing whilst trusting her with producing and the money. Sidenote: they share a daughter of 20: Amy. Roel travelled the world but now lives in Amsterdam with his current girlfriend and daughter of 5: Lois.
Roel has one mission: Making clients happy whilst having the most possible fun.

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Nadia Kafu (executive producing)

After having successfully finished her MBA Degree in International Business & Management in 1994 in Montreux, Switzerland, her first professional steps were put in Italy and Monaco. During  her internship I worked in the hedging department of Tamoil.
In 1998 she came back to The Netherlands to start her own company in Film and Video production in Amsterdam. After travelling all over the world she decided to take the next step and became an independent consultant, working for van Randwijck Consultants in various types of fields such as sales, marketing, HR, IT and management.
Until she got the opportunity to work as a Creative Director for Wegter BV in 2008 where she could her my wide range of product knowledge together with a worldwide network of designers and producing partners to establish a new line of consumer goods.

During the last couple of years, she also started producing again. First parttime out of Dubai, but this summer she met up with her old partner Roel and that lit the flame to once again to also work out of the Netherlands. Nadia lives in Hengelo.